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AAAA offer top fake hermes handbags with 1:1 quality. Various new style hermes belt fake birkin designer handbags Are Quality As Designer Handbags In 1937, inspired by the jockey jacket triggered the birth of the first Hermes birkin bags . Hermes (Hermes) scarf is not a piece of flat slippery silk, fake hermes bag but has ruled the fine cloth , it is the thread woven combed the shaft again , and there is not easy to fold . Sometimes , in order to make scarves and more features will further weave process with floral patterns, such as honey , horses and so on.
Colorists in accordance with the designer's logo, selecting the right paint , each color must use a special steel frame , using screen printing principle , the color uniformity of wire affixed at each sweep . Each side needs to sweep on how many scarves paint , depending on the requirements of the design , and generally are 12-36 species, the highest record of 37 species. Color decisions , they start to print , and then cut to 90 cm square scarf. Fixed color is also a tedious work , must be floating , steaming and drying process, the color will not fall off. Finally, the Ministry of Human handmade craft sewing embroidery mouth, the folded edges , one outstanding elegant scarf , is completed.
Screen printing processes, the computer can be replaced , but the Hermes (bags) insists on hand-painted . Curling do not have a sewing machine ,fake hermes birkin but hand-sewn , Hermes (Hermes) theory is : a perfect picture , the most important thing there is a contrast of high-quality frame fixed it down , be called perfect , wire stickers Once the equatorial edge , as if pouring a pattern , distorted . Hermes shows great dedication to detail . Hermes (handabgs) is also relying on such details , won the hearts.
Hermes silk paste , only 90 square centimeters hermes belt fake this one specification . Each side Hermes (Hermes) weight scarves , and only 75 grams . Since 1937 to the present, over 900 different models of Hermes (Hermes) square scarves available . Hermes has an unwritten rule that every year there are two scarves series come out , each series there are 12 different design styles, of which 6 are new designs , and the remaining 6 , is based on the original design for the re- match.
Hermes scarf making , bringing together numerous exquisite craft , they are all the Lyon area as a base, from design to production, must go through rigorous seven workers continued : theme concept to characterize the pattern finalized hermes Designer Handbags Color analysis and pattern making Network printing coloring hermes birkin belt color combinations retouching processing staff income side hermes quality inspection and packaging. In this way, each with a scarf through the layers of checkpoints, would take 18 months to be born . A Hermes scarf , like a worthy collection of art, unique and glamorous .
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